Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Book of the Moment

As Built is a monograph on the London studio Caruso St. John Architects, published by a+t ediciones. a+t publishes some damn fine - but pricey - magazines twice a year.

Missing image - aplust.jpg

Although I've featured St. John's work on my weekly page, I'm not familiar with much of his work, though I feel I should be. It has a quiet appeal, a certain calm that's refreshing these days.

Missing image - aplust2.jpg

As the editors put it well enough, the studio "has carried out a series of projects that is characterized by coherence, sobriety, and a search for emotion through built reality."

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  1. Caruso St John is in fact Peter Caruso and Colin St John, not any single person.

    The pair of them used to teach at my school, London Metropolitan.


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