Half Dose #21: S(ch)austall

My friend Brandon brought this small building to my attention, and now I'm passing it along to you, dear readers.

Missing image - HD21a.jpg

Winner of a 2005 AR Award for Emerging Architecture, this showroom by Stuttgart-based FNP Architekten is a renovation of a pigsty, the humorous relationship between these two uses apparent in the project's parenthetical naming (saustall=pigsty; schaustall=showroom).

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To deal with the crumbling 18th-century structure, the architects created a "house within a house", a wood container that fit within the old stone walls but without touching them.

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A new roof protects old and new from the elements. The awards jury mentions that the existing windows now look fashionably random, even though they are derived from the building's original function, a decidedly humorous take on the renovation. In the end, the project is more dignified than humorous, the architects able to extend the life of an old building through simple yet clever means.

:: FNP Architekten
:: AR Award (PDF link)
:: DBZ-online


  1. Wow, that thing is cool. I hope more people take the time to trasure their old buildings this way! What are we going to do when the cruddy buildings in suburbia crumble? Well, they'll rot, not crumble. Something to work on...

  2. Much more inspiring than any of the glitzy tower blocks I've seen in the journals lately.

  3. Wow, that kinda neat. Rebuilding homes.

  4. The only thing that i am concerned about is how good are the walls preserved from moisture from the grounds..otherwise perfect idea.


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