Half Dose #22: Mother's

For advertising agency Mother, Clive Wilkinson renovated "Derwent Valley's Tea Building in Shoreditch, a burgeoning arts community on the fringes of the City of London."

Since Mother's inception in 1996, their employees have worked around a communal table. As the company grew, so did the table, until now the concrete table in their new digs accommodates 200 and resembles an interior racetrack, a la Fiat's rooftop track in Turin, Italy.

To connect the different floors, stairs interrupt the table, blurring the line between table and floor. At some points one is the extension of the other, making for quite the impression on potential clients.

:: Mother, London
:: Clive Wilkinson
:: Interior Design
:: Frame Magazine


  1. you see there office on http://www.motherlondon.com - great website by the way.

  2. Thanks anon. Just updated the link to their web page. Their's is a pretty cool page.

  3. Thanks for passing on 'Mothers' progress.

    years ago, when I visited Mother as a bicycle messenger, their central conference/design team table had an immediate and profound impact on me. It threw me into an awareness of 'space' and sense of place that catalized my journey as a commited architecture student and my now chosen career as an architect.

    I remember that fateful envelope delivery of years past like it was yesterday. I still describe the positive and productive environment that Mother had created and compare it to all other office situations that I encounter. (as recently as last week to my drafting dept. here)

    thanks and kind regards,



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