As you can see from my paltry posts lately, this week has been busy. To partially make up for this, I've provided some links below that will hopefully be of interest and are worth a look and/or a read.
:: A bookstore organized by color (via)
:: Hidden Landmarks of Manhattan
:: Defying Death (on Arakawa)
:: Scandal Becomes Her
:: Green Yale Degree
:: Cardinals Stadium (by Peter Eisenman, below)

Missing image - cardinals.jpg

:: Two films to see
:: Map of World Heritage Properties
:: The Bird Man
:: Renzo Piano Interview
:: Now you see it...
As always, many links via.


  1. That bookstore is cool.

    I used to organise my CDs that way. Before i put them in a box never to be seen again...

  2. I saw a bit on that bookstore a while back. Twas nothing more than a publicity stunt on their part. Worked great though.

    Too bad about Sipson, but they knew the town was coming to an end anyways, with Heathrow being next door and all.

  3. Regardless, I could easily spend a weekend doing something similar with my library at home. Pointless and silly but something I would dig.

    As for Sipson, I sure hope they don't break down the pubs and ship 'em around the world as "authentic" pubs. Chicago has one of those and it sure doesn't need another.


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