Mayne Street

Every once in a while a building comes along that fulfills your faith that architecture can be a noble profession...
So gushes Blair Kamin in a review where he heaps praise upon Thom Mayne's soon-to-be-opened design for the Campus Recreation Center at the University of Cincinnati.

Missing image - maynestreet1.jpg

These photos from a tour of the center show the all-too-familiar dynamism of Mayne's architecture.

Missing image - maynestreet2.jpg

What appeals to Kamin (and me) is the urban qualities of the architecture, not a stand-alone building but an assemblage of the Rec Center as well as the Tangeman University Center by Gwathmey Siegel and the Steger Student Life Center by Moore Ruble Yudell. Common geometries (curves) and common materials (zinc and other metals) tie the buildings together, though it's the car-free Main Street that links them together spatially.

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  1. I see no integration in this building at all. Integration is the act or process of placing all the architectural elements in a logical or at least proportional way on a single building (no matter what the kind of language being used).
    Is the Pritzker prize a kind of Karma or new learning process for the super "star architects"??????


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