Wrigley Update

The Chicago Tribune posts graphics and images (registration req'd) for the Wrigley Field bleachers renovation, part of a larger plan that also includes a parking garage, restaurants and retail.

Missing image - cubs2.jpg

For the passer-by, the most notable change will be the walkway will cantilever over the sidewalk.

Missing image - cubs3.jpg

Granted this ain't exciting architecture, but it's been a heated debate...

Missing image - cubs4.jpg

...because of these neighbors and their right to peer into Wrigley Field during games, charging admission and receiving $$ that might otherwise go to the Cubs (and its parent, the Chicago Tribune). Notice the construction at the bottom of the image.


  1. hi john ,i m an architect from iran and read ur blog , it s very good and it s usuefull for me!

  2. Top reason to not like the Cubs:

    They don't care if the fans want to watch. They care if the fans pay.

    Considering a limited number of people can live there and peer into the stadium, I say its great that people have that opportunity. Wrigley should allow them to, because what's baseball other than a form of entertainment?

  3. bryan, I agree in principle but the majority of the rooftops looking over Wrigley Field are run by private businesses that sell tickets (rain or shine, no refund). Granted they're not bad venues, what with food and drinks and air conditioned interiors (since they occupy basically the whole of the building), but I think it's a rare treat to live there and have your own rooftop view of the field. That's probably why TribCo feels the need to (partially) block their views.

  4. I see now, those are bleachers on top of those buildings. And charging to sit there does change things.

    I then wonder, why doesn't TribCo (TribCo = Tribune Company = the newspaper Tribune?) doesn't buy the whole block then.

  5. Frankly, that stadium hasn't been the same since they got rid of the Yum Yum Donuts in the west side parking lot.


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