Much has been written and posted about Museum Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky, a huge mixed-use skyscraper that's the latest design unveiled recently by OMA. In addition to the two informative photo sets at Louisville's Courier Journal, there's an animation by Brooklyn Digital Foundry that does a great job of explaining the design's concept and situating the building in its context. Some snaps of it are below but check it out when you've got the chance.

Missing image - OMAKY1.jpg
In case
Missing image - OMAKY2.jpg
you're wondering
Missing image - OMAKY3.jpg
the music
Missing image - OMAKY4.jpg
is by
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Missing image - OMAKY6.jpg
Missing image - OMAKY7.jpg
Missing image - OMAKY8.jpg
Missing image - OMAKY9.jpg


  1. Yeah, but what do you think about it? What's your opinion?

    As a native and resident of Louisville, I couldn't be more disappointed by the design. It's really a boring, juvenile creation. I wish OMA spent more time making beautiful buildings and less time trying to one-up Ripley's Believe It Or Not.


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