Pyramid Scheme

Purging some files at home on this pleasant day off, I came across this clipping below. I don't recall from where or when I clipped it.

Searching the internet yields PYRA Development LLC, meaning YES! the pyramid's alive!
Forever is a REAL long time. PYRA proposes a sense of permanence not previously made available to the public by the death care industry. We want to provide the next generation, and perhaps even the next hundred generations, with a monument that salutes and preserves the history of our being.
According to the web site, the artist's rendition shows a pyramid approximately 200' x 200' at the base. The monument will be "made of a high impact polymer material and sited in a geologically stable location, [with] the potential to remain in an intact and non-retrievable state for over a million years." Each remain is placed in a patented plastic box that is then stacked and locked into the monument where it will "actually become the monument when integrated with an engineered shell."

This means that if Michigan's death rate is roughly the same as it was in 1995, the pyramid will take almost four years to "construct". And if the next hundred generations use these non-retrievable plastic blocks, there will over 550 of these pyramids dotting the Michigan countryside. Sounds like they'd have to change the name of Michigan to Mausoleum before too long.

For sure, this ranks up there with the Grand Canyon horseshoe and other early 21st-century wackiness.


  1. Oh, this was serious? I laughed when I was reading it. Especially when I got to the bottom- about the Lincoln Log place across the street.

  2. that looks like it was clipped from Maxim or Stuff


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