4187 degrees Chicago Architecture is a 3d virtual tour of Chicago's tall and not-so-tall buildings, done by students at the University of Memphis last fall.

Missing image - 4187.jpg

While only ten buildings are featured, the graphical interface is pretty sleek and ripe for expansion, even if the detailed building models are a lacking in detail.

(Via Gapers Block)


  1. The Stone Container building looks awfully tall....

  2. Yes. And it's slicing is the wrong angle, not steep enough. I hope the student(s) bothered to visit the city before they made it!

  3. John, perhaps you'd be interested in assisting, whether by direct contribution or bloggerizing it here, a project I intend to launch at the American University in Cairo. Called simply the Civilizations Project, it will, in the end, constitute a series of faithfully and accurately rendered simulations of historical cities and centers of power, including 18th Dynasty Thebes, late Classical Rome, Kassite Babylon and, possibly, Hatti.

    The site will be arranged something like the Theban Mapping Project, with each simulated city available for free (in a TBD universal format).

    Let me know if you're interested.



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