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Flipping through Metropolis Magazine's 25th anniversary issue yesterday, I took note of an advertisement for something called design:e2, billed as
A television series
that explores the
economies of being
environmentally conscious
Missing image - designe2.jpg

The series is presented by Autodesk, produced by kontent+real, narrated by Brad Pitt, and is set to hit your "omnidirectional sludge pump" in June. The bare-bones website (full website set to launch on April 1) further explains:
Eight different topics -- from sustainable architecture to water culture to alternative energy to organic farming to recycled clothing and more -- are presented in depth in six thirty-minute episodes, challenging us to live smarter, live greener, and live with the future in mind
On the surface, this sounds like one of those shows that makes TV worthwhile, but can eight topics in 180 minutes do more than touched on? Is that enough time to really challenge us or inform us? I don't think so. I would hope for at least an hour on each topic, giving each one some depth and an opportunity for various voices to be more than soundbites, a la the preview on the website. Regardless, it still sounds like something worth watching, much more than most crap on TV.


  1. Umm... John... am I reading too much into the release date or is this for real. Sounds legit.

  2. I can't wait until I watch it.

    Looks good.

  3. If the show itself were April 1 that would be one thing, but given that it's only a website launch there probably aren't any hijinks. But ya never know...

  4. adequate duration or not I am encouraged by any mainstream coverage of critical issues. I also like the inclusion of the word "economics" in the title. I would like to think that stewardship or obligation would be enough to evolve these "discussion" topics into corrective "action" but until we can realize the monitary impact of "doing" or "not doing" the movement has little hope of digging in.

  5. I absolutely CANNOT wait until this show premieres! today i just found out that the uber-delicious Brad Pitt will be narrating it which makes me want to watch it even more!!!

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