Get in Their Shoes

The Get in Their Shoes Campaign is a call to action by successful business leaders, athletes, entertainers, and politicians to rally youth and aspiring leaders to lift themselves out of their limiting circumstances by proactively interviewing successful professionals within their own communities.

Some of the most successful professionals in the world have donated a pair of their actual shoes and a 30-minute phone mentorship to be given-away or auctioned-off as part of this campaign.
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And whose shoes boots do we have here? None other than Daniel Libeskind, "architect for the reconstruction of the World Trade Center Site in New York."

As I'm writing this, the ebay auction's high bid is at $100.00, with 2.5 days left. If you've used ebay before, you probably know that all the real action takes place at the wire, so who knows how much these boots (made for walkin') will go for? Probably not as much as Spiderman creator Stan Lee's New Balance walking shoes.


  1. I bought those boots!
    Good spot!
    I read your article and snapped them up for a mere $108.

    I am the auditor of the Architectural Society of University College Dublin.

    I thought they would make a good raffle prize and that the interview would be perfect for our end of year publication.

    So thanks for the tip.

    Ronan Kenny

  2. Damn, I wanted them.

    Good buy, Ronan.


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