LEGO Allianz

If you've followed this site for a while, you're probably familiar with the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany by Herzog & De Meuron.

The Michelen Man-looking building features inflated ETFE panels that appear opaque white during the day but glow different colors at night, usually programmed to the jersey colors of the home and away teams.

By now you've probably realized this isn't the real arena, as in fact it's the building made out of legos, at Legoland Deutschland. It was unveiled in December, though I just found about it today from a friend. As someone who grew up with legos, I gotta say this is impressive, especially the cut-away section and the attention to detail throughout. And I have no idea how they get it to glow...I'm assuming that happens where the wall is only one block thick to allow some light through the plastic.

Lot's more images here and thanks to Jeff S. for the images and the head's up!


  1. that is freakin awesome

  2. I agree, that is amazing.

  3. Wow. As for the outside wall, my guess is that they cheated just slightly with bricks you don't find in any Lego set, because even single white bricks are completely opaque. These might be clear bricks with a thin coat of paint to make them translucent white.

  4. It's very creative piece of artwork, these bloody danish guys, how good they are!

  5. It was designed using the LEGOizer software, a tool that converts 3D mesh models, into a Lego model.
    Designed in Denmark, built in the capable hands of the German model shop.
    Unique coloured Legos were used. Specially manufactured for this project. The Milky White bricks provide enough translucency for the fiber optics inside, to shine through.

    When the Lego company decided to stop producing special coloured bricks, the Allianz project called out for such bricks.
    Vary rare, and probably expensive in the black market.

  6. Really Amazing piece of architecture! man, wish i could have built that!


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