The Second City

Chicago finds itself runner up again, this time in a list at of The Top 15 Skylines in the World. While diserio mentions his urban planning background, the driving factors seem to be simply how tall and how photogenic each city's skyline is.

Missing image - chi-skyline.jpg

If Chicago could add 25 more buildings over 200 meters (656 feet) to its current crop of 19, maybe it could overtake Hong Kong at the top of the list...that is if Hong Kong would just stop building high-rises.

Missing image - hk-skyline.jpg

(via necromanc, via Gapers Block)


  1. I was actually surprised Chicago scored that high. I thought for sure that NY would be higher. For me anywhere that has mountains nearby should rank high. Hong Kong, Seattle, Montreal. It adds such an interesting perspective and contrast between man-made vs. natural. Maybe that's just the flatlander in me talking.

  2. As a newly arrived San Fran resident, I would have to nominate that too. It is one of the most interesting and unique skylines in my opinion, and being surrounded by water and an iconic bridge and historic island prison can't hurt.

  3. I am glad to see Dallas up there.

    Give the city 15 more years and we will make the top 10.:)

  4. Not that it has the most photogenic skyline, but Shanghai is my favorite right now. Mostly for what the city has become in a mere 20 years.

    It's too bad that other Chinese cities like Chongqing don't get as much publicity.

  5. chicago will be stuck behind dubai in the near future if anything

    they have 11 over 200 built

    and 35 underconstruction or approved!!

    THAT's impressive on a level of scale

    althoughit will seem more like Coruscant, supertall, spread miles apart, with nothing remotely close in size


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