Blue Darkroom

I found out about this installation by Jasper de Haan over at Dexigner. Blue Darkroom is a "spatial installation in a room whose walls are coated with phosphorescent paint," on display now in NAI's Nest gallery -- "a simply designed gallery for solo presentations measuring 15m2 (160sf), where each six weeks a different artist, architect or designer shows personal work" -- until May 6.

Missing image - bluedarkroom.jpg

The eerie and cloudy effect portrayed in the photograph above recalls the loss of detail and depth of Diller + Scofidio's Blur Building in Switzerland, below.

Missing image - blur3.jpg

While the latter uses an undefined boundary (misted droplets of water) to disorient the visitor, the former works within a well-defined boundary (15m2 room) in a manner that appears to create the same effect.