Cylinders is an architectural installation by Indio, California-based The Art Office.

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They are "members of a 27-piece tight-knit family...activated through natural and artificial light."

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"Their recorded information disperses as one navigates around and amongst the pieces."

Missing image - cylinder4.jpg

"Through their particular geometrical and structural parameters, each piece acquires its own character and sensibility."

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"They are meant to be viewed from above, below, and from eye to eye."

Missing image - cylinder6.jpg

"They are here to inspire, to share, and to converse with."

Missing image - cylinder7.jpg

To me these repetitious, permeable, illuminated objects hold an immediate appeal. Their process and construction create not only an exterior form but also an interior space. With this in mind, it's clear that the The Art Office wants to take this design to the next level: inhabitable spaces.

Missing image - cylinder8.jpg

More information and images at The Art Office's blog.


  1. Reminds me of my 5th grade art class project: fun with popcycle sticks!

  2. i can't find any info on the links provided about when & where this installation is! help!


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