Salter's Back

"Peter Salter had all but retired from practice in the nineties, devoting his time to teaching until former student Crispin Kelly, now in the fast-paced world of developing, sought him out to create four bespoke houses in Notting Hill. His unusual plans have not disappointed."
A story in Building Design about one of my favorite architects, transcribed at Archinect.


  1. Peter's one of my former tutors. Believe it or not, he never bothered registering as an architect, and having just searched for him on the ARB web site, looks like he still hasn't taken that final third step. So technically, he can't call himself an architect.
    But that says more about the crazy licensing system than him, because he's one of the few people I've met who actually gets architecture.

  2. The McDonald and Salter book remains one of my favorites. My first lecture in Arch school was their presentation of their their Osaka Folly. Totally out of step with the work around them and all the better for it.

  3. He was head of the UEL architecture school when I was there. I remain inspired by his teaching and projects, particularly the old AA Themes book 'TS: Intuition and Process'. I am fantastically excited, not to say intrigued, by the news of this Baylight scheme. Why has Crispin waited so long to commission him?

  4. He was still head of the UEL architecture when i was there in my first year, his influence is still found in the work of the students there. This is great news and i hope he gets the opportunity to design more buildings within the UK.

  5. I remember during his diploma years - when he discovered how to use " Glass" fascads - without them licking or blowing up and popping out in heat or cold.
    I learned a lot listening to his projects crits at the AA.


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