(Almost) 2 Years Later

Millennium Park opened on July 16, 2004. At that time the park looked anything but complete, most apparent in two parts: Anish Kapoor's "Cloud Gate" had noticeable seams from the spot welding of the numerous panels and the Lurie Garden's plantings were but a hint of its future growth.

So, now nearly two years later, how are "Cloud Gate" and the Lurie Garden?

Under the Bean

"Cloud Gate" was officially dedicated earlier this month, the Mayor declaring May 15 Cloud Gate Day. Of course, polishing out those welds took time, and the process kept the sculpture under wraps for much of the last two years and raised its price tag to $23 million. But, it looks amazing and visitors to the park flock to it, even on gray days, as you can see.


The Lurie Garden, as you can also see, has fleshed out rather beautifully. And thankfully, the city is helping by providing a helpful guide to the plant life of the garden.

(Garden link via Gaper's Block)