Half Dose #25: Belmont/Thurman Lofts

These two projects by Portland, Oregon-based Holst Architecture are mixed-use, urban developments of roughly the same size in the firm's hometown.

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Belmont Street Lofts

Each treats the exterior wall as a porous, screen-like zone that gives each a strong presence in its context while also giving the occupants a reasonable amount of shade and privacy.

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Belmont Street Lofts

The Belmont Street Lofts offer 27 loft/condo apartments ranging from 850-1,000 s.f., located over 4,000 s.f. of retail and some parking. In addition to its exterior rainscreen/sunshade, the building also features radiant floor heating aimed towards increased energy efficiency.

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Thurman Street Lofts

The Thurman Street Lofts -- the more recent of the two projects -- extend the articulated, wood exterior towards a more sculptural end, with windows almost carved from the dark wood facades.

Missing image - HD25d.jpg
Thurman Street Lofts

(Thanks to Jeremy G. for the head's up!)


  1. Holst is doing some nice things and the quality of design in Portland is shifting rapidly. Portland is a graphic design hotbed of activity so it makes sense.

    Also, these buildings are in nice, interesting and rather non corporate environs.

  2. The porousness nicely minimizes the smotehring dullness that flat curtain walls can bring to a building. Evern very cool curtain-wall modern buildings can look flat. Here, the wall plane has both texture and lightness. This is good design.

  3. Really reminds me of Gigon & Guyer projects, specifically their sports center in Davos that uses multiple layers of screening to achieve a similar effect

  4. we did it before ;-)


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