"Of course the budgie is the bird of choice for architects"

Missing image - archihat.jpg
"Of course the budgie is the bird of choice for architects."

Find this drawing and many, many more at Mattias Adolfsson's blog, Mattias Inks, and The home of Mattias O Adolfsson, a repository of many wonderful drawings, sketches, doodles, and comics, including some especially beautiful drawings of rural Sweden.

(via Drawn)


  1. Nice to be noticed, I have the greatest respect for Architects by the way, started to study it, but switch to graphic design instead

  2. Likewise I have respect for graphic designers. I did some graphic design in college when I worked at a book/copy store. It certainly wasn't very fancy stuff but it helped make me understand what goes into graphic design.

    Great drawings, by the way!

  3. And I thought it was a Shel Silverstein...


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