S.Pellegrino Archive

In the process of research for my next weekly dose, I came across the Architecture & Design archive of S.Pellegrino. Yep, the Italian company with that bubbly water. Each article describes a usually Italian exhibition, building, piece of furniture, design object, with explanatory text and numerous images. The archive has 26 pages with four articles, making for hours and hours of learning and eye candy.

Missing image - scarpa1.jpg

The latest article is Three Days with Carlo Scarpa (above) regarding "an unprecedented series of events in honor of this famous contemporary architect on the occasion of his centenary birthday."


  1. I learned something of this wonderful Architect as I was getting to know Mario Botta back in the early '80s. Mr. Scarpa was the advisor of Mr. Botta's thesis in school as I remember. In the magazine Lotus Internation #28 Mr. Scarpa's his Bank project in Verona is highlighted which was completed two years after his death. He is a complex Architect who was totally into his Art


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