Friday Fun!

Match the Chicago developer with their tagline*
1. Better built by design
2. Building a legacy of landmarks
3. Creating exceptional places to live
4. Distinctive lifestyle developments
5. Excellence by design
6. The intelligent decision
7. Redefined urban living

A. Belgravia Group
B. CMK Realty
C. Habitat
D. LR Development
E. Optima
F. Roszak/ADC
G. Terrapin Properties
Don't know about you, but if I were a developer, my tagline would be:

Intelligently designing exceptionally better landmark buildings for distinctive urban living

*If you took this seriously, click for answers.


  1. John, this is great. I love it. My how they reveal themselves. By their taglines shall ye know them...

  2. I'm reminded of Suburban neighborhoods or subdivisions that always seem to just take their names from a pool of 10 or 15 words.
    In the midwest, for example:

    "Woodstream Farms"
    "Lake Terrace"
    "Forest Meadows"
    "Eagle Lake"
    "Eagle Landing"
    "Woodland Heights"
    "Forest Lake"

  3. If only you had any idea of the time and deliberation that went into LR's "legacy of Landmarks" crap. They took it very seriously.

  4. anon - I'm definitely aware of the deliberation that developer's and their marketing teams put into these sorts of things, though in ways like this it's all for naught, because people don't necessarily separate one tagline from the other or actually associate one with the developer. They're all too similar and a lot are rewordings of the same thing, like jimmy's suburban neighborhoods.

    If developers spent less money on hours developing and pouring over taglines and other marketing-type things and more on architects and their work, then the developers might just get something unique that will set them apart more than a few of the same 'ol words.

  5. anybody here ever try and build a building and sell it?

  6. good stuff-

    possibly for a future spot, a mix and match of the 'larger than life'- lifestyle images that the developers paste on their billboards, or worse: right on the projects themselves... as if everyone strives to be toasting pinot gregio with their partner in their perfectly appointed unit in their perfectly tailored outfits, lives, etc...


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