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The MIT home page is an interactive site that informs and actively engages the MIT community and visitors. The spotlight, with a changing graphic that calls attention to the new topic, supports MIT's mission of education and research, and reflects the diversity of MIT itself. It does not represent a single voice, but rather many voices, showing the Institute in a full and evolving way. [quote]
The changing graphics have their own gallery and here's a few of my favorites:

Missing image - MIT1.jpg
by M. Chang, L. Lalla, H. Oh, & Z. Perez, '05

Missing image - MIT2.jpg
by Wing Ngan

Missing image - MIT3.jpg
by A. Hecht, E. Sheehan, D. Gordon

Thumbnails of many, many more graphics can be found on the various past spotlight pages, and yep, you can even submit your own design.


  1. Thanks for the post! Note: The MIT homepage was designed by Lisa Strausfeld of Pentagram New York, my employer since May 1st...

  2. speaking of MIT, they have a fully enabled all course website of which allows anyone to view a course syllabus, course assignments, readings, lecture notes and readings. Based on the information available, anyone can teach themselves anything with a little guidance. Its worth taking a look.

  3. shannon - I had seen that linked from Architecture but had yet to dig into it. It's a phenomenal thing to have online. And those reading lists are a great resource.



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