Project New Orleans

Here's a site I learned of in studio yesterday. It's called Project New Orleans. It aims to be a complete archive of all the (student?) projects being done for the reconstruction of New Orleans, from Single Family Housing and Urban Design to Flood and Transportation Infrastructure. Big and small, they have it all...or do they? It appears that many gaps exist on the page as of today (expect some "Not Found" errors on certain links), though this points to the need for people involved to fill in those gaps. So if you've worked on a job for reconstruction in New Orleans, be it listed on the PNO web page or not, contact the site administrators to help them with their ongoing research...whenever they get the contact information up there.

Missing image - PNO.jpg

If you just want to browse the projects that are posted, here's some of interest:
::ecoMOD2:preHAB by students at the University of Virginia
:: URBANbuild by students at Tulane University
:: High Density Housing by students at CCNY
:: reGrow by students at MIT
:: Inter-Living Systems and Sea Level by students at University of Kansas
:: Inhabiting the Fluid Terrain projects by University of Pennsylvania students


  1. I bet every architecture/urban design/landscape architecture school in the country has a New Orleans-related studio this fall. They're going to be doing these kinds of studio projects for years...

  2. A clever idea. And you aren't incorrect about the studio projects, although here it was last Spring. I don't think there is a single one this semester, I think we already burned out on it.


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