Upper West Side

This last Sunday was my first "day off" since Labor Day and the start of Urban Design studio. Rather than relaxing at home, my wife and I took the train into Manhattan and walked around the Upper West Side and Central Park, two beautiful areas of the city. Here's some pictures that I've posted on Flickr.

Lotus Garden
The Lotus Garden, a hidden gem of a garden on the roof of a parking garage. It takes a key to gain entry, except on Sunday afternoon. I'm happy to say I have one now and can go there and relax whenever I feel like it. A few more pics of the garden here.

Pomander Walk, a group of small, London-esque buildings done in 1921. They are now dwarfed by their neighbors, making their small size seem even smaller.

Symhony Space
Symphony Space by Polshek Partnership. Entry detail.

Gaynor School
The recently-completed Gaynor School by Rogers Marvel Architects.

Central Park
View of Midtown East skyscrapers from Central Park.


  1. Now that you are wandering Manhattan archi-touristing, don't fail to visit Chicago's own Louis Sullivan's only NY work- The Bayard building at 65 Bleecker St. just east of Broadway.

  2. Enjoyed the entire set at Flickr. What camera(s) did you use?

  3. It's a Nikon Coolpix SQ, one of their swivel cameras. The image quality, especially at night, is a bit low compared to today's digitals, but the swivel feature's great. Once you go swivel, you don't go back!

  4. And John, I don't think I've seen Sullivan's Bleeker Street building. Or I've seen it but didn't pay attention to it as I probably should have. Thanks for the tip!


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