Who SHOULD win the 2006 Stirling Prize?

Are you fed up of having other people decide who should be awarded architectural awards? Well, so is Norman Blogster who has set up his own informal poll for the Stirling Prize, as part of his Architectural Antifreeze. So go check it out and cast your vote!

Also, new posts will have to wait 'til after the Labor Day holiday this weekend, as setting up the home CPU and DSL is taking a while (this and the last post are via the antiquated computers in the architecture school's library).


  1. John,
    Thanks for your support.
    Readers less familiar with the UK architecture scene might be interested to read this preview of the nominations by Jonathan Glancey.
    I'm aiming for 2000 votes in order to get the architectural press to take it seriously, and the voting closes on October 14th, so please pass it on to your architectural amigos and get our voice heard!


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