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One of the recipients of a 2006 Victoria, Australia's State of Design Award -- specifically The City of Melbourne Sustainability Design Award -- is Katrina Logan for her LUMI Illuminated Rainwater Storage.

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The satin acrylic container is targeted towards "the inner-city design community." Logan "envisages the balconies of high-rise developments as LUMI's ultimate destination." While the feasibility of collecting water on balconies typically located below other balconies may not work too well (making it perhaps more appropriate for backyards), it's nevertheless a great idea: making water conservation attractive by making something that's, well, attractive.


  1. Are you suggesting that even though it does not function as intended, still it is great? Interesting theory...

  2. It would function as intended but John's right about the placement of it. I think it's a great way to make water conservation appealing.
    On another note, I don't really understand how the lighting is working. is it placed inside the container? Is the lighting somehow contributing to the rainwater?

  3. Follow the links

    'and is illuminated with internal lights at night.'

  4. It looks like the exterior shell is translucent (you can see this in the first pic), the lights must be between the exterior and interior shells.

  5. bob and anon - Yes, it should function as intended just not in the ideal place the designer mentions, unless it's one of those Harry Seidler projects where the balcony alternates every other floor.

    And it does appear that there is an inner tank and the outer resin wall. The interstitial space may contain lighting, though it also looks like that base on the right-hand image might house lighting.

  6. Harry Seidler is delicious.

  7. but how do you buy one? none of the links offer this type of info.


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