Half Dose #30: Urban Cactus

Urban Cactus is a housing project in the Vuurplaat section of Rotterdam by UCX Architects / Ben Huygen and Jasper Jaegers and done for Vestia Rotterdam Feijenoord/Estrade Projecten.

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Due to its siting at the end of harbor, the architects chose to conceptualize the project as belonging to the "green nerve" rather than the surrounding urban structure.

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They placed the 98 residential units on 19 floors, using the pattern of outdoor spaces to determine the overall appearance of the project.

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The slightly irregular pattern alternates these outdoor spaces to create what are in effect double-height spaces. Each unit then receives more sunlight than a typical stacked composition.

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Also the terrace area might be equivalent to a constant depth extended around the perimeter (say two meters), but their configuration creates larger "rooms" for gardening and for enjoying the outdoors and the city views.

:: UCX architects
:: Estrade


  1. Marina City with a twist . . .

  2. You know...on the surface the project looks brutal. But my guess to stand on one of those balconies would be a pretty nice experience.

  3. Where does all the water go?

    I would assume that each balcony would take on a considerable amount of rain water which would then need to be removed via a drainage system.

    Although, more specifically, when a building like this will come to Seattle :-D

    I think we could use some architects...but more specifically a builder with the means to create something like this project.

  4. Wow, great shots. Do you know if these are available in high resolution (are they yours?) I am working on a textbook, and the author would like to include a shot of this amazing building. If so, can you email me at kateland_photo at hotmail dot com?

  5. This is the most amazing bit of architecture I've ever seen! I'm always interested in the way people decorate their outdoor spaces. Thanks for posting.

  6. This is awesome! this building looks like a layered cake or somewhat a ribbon. That is extra ordinary!

    Daily Freshies

  7. Hi,

    I am doing a progect on green buildings, just wanted to know where i could get a high resolution picture of the urban cactus. Its simply awesome...

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