Ecuador Uno

Here's some photos from my recent class trip to Ecuador. This post focuses on Quito.

In the clouds
Quito sits in a valley in the Andes Mountains. One of the tourist activities is taking the TeleferiQo cable car up to approximately 4,100m (13,500 ft) above sea level. On this day, views of Quito were not to be had, but it was thrilling regardless.

Quito panorama
This clearer view is from El Mosaico Cafe, a Greek-Ecuadorian-American restaurant with great food and stunning views. This collage was taken right before Quito's daily dose of rain. Best viewed mas grande.

Lovely view
Another general view of Quito, this time from the 12th floor of the Hilton...

Quito Modern
...the building to the left of the tall concrete building in the foreground.

The Historical, Colonial district of Quito is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved in South America, here in front of Monasterio de San Francisco.

And here next door in the courtyard of the Museo Franciscano.

Blue car, red car
One of the many lively and beautiful roads in the Colonial district.

Here's another.

Next time: the road trip from Quito into the Amazon basin.


  1. nice small trip to quito!

    your photos of the colonial district brought me in mind a 1954 article by harwell hamilton suggested to me by harry malgrave related to the dipole regional - national that i was interested last year.
    he talks about different types of regionalism and what i mainly remember from it is how things that could be considered regional at a time used to be general in the past. i find this useful when i visit places involved in colonial politics.
    title of article:
    "regionalism and nationalism"


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