Monday, December 04, 2006

Balibarret Boutique 02

Balibarret Boutique 02 in Tokyo, Japan by Franklin Azzi Architecture

Text and images are courtesy Franklin Azzi Architecture.

The project of the military "red tent" provides a radical image based on the archetype of military tents. The red color is the trademark of Balibarret since the beginning. Pantone 032C is a very strict color we followed since the beginning for all architectural and graphic design work for the company.

The textile is initially beige or khaki. In a very voluntary manner, like the intervention of an artiste, the fabric is suddenly turned into red, it is touched in the very heart of the fibers. The main idea is to impose onto the space of the street and of the city an archetype out of its initial geographical context. By playing on the common imaginary, the object of fiction is thus revealed by the geographical move of a strong architectural archetype. Once away from its initial space, the object reflects a sideways image that moves the surrounding urban space.

The project is made of a facade of red oiled fabric, held by natural leather straps and suspended by a metallic structure. This fabric is held at the bottom by sand bags. The entrance is through a metallic chamber.


- The inside volume is padded with white fabric and draws out a perfect rectangle in an originally complex space.

- The entrance chamber is made of plywood.

- The outside openings have block outs.

- The straps are made of leather.

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