Leviathan Thot

This is too wild not to pass along, Kultureflash's Artworker of the Week (#63), Ernesto Neto.

Leviathan Thot, 2006 is an installation at the Pantheon in Paris, as part of the Festival d'Automne.

The Brazilian artist's installation is a "tulle and polystyrene creature suspended under the dome of the Pantheon."


  1. That is truly bold, both from the artist and from the administrators!

    The impression is awesome! I'd really like to put my eyes right under all this melting structure, the feeling must be very submerging!

  2. Fantastic! am going to put that up on my blog.

  3. super cool, but i'm not so sure that's the Pantheon.

  4. I like other things I've seen from Neto, but this is proof that you can put anything in a church or cathedral and it looks stunning; turns it into art. Susie MacMurray made a similar installation this year at York St. Mary's (York, UK), a deconsecrated church, using hair nets and violin strings. See here: http://www.yorkstmarys.org.uk/exhibitions.html

  5. Its the Pantheon in Paris, not the Panthon in Rome...


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