Meditation House

Meditation House in Mexico City, Mexico by Pascal Arquitectos

Text and images are courtesy Pascal Arquitectos.

Among the wide variety of projects developed by Pascal Architects, this is the first of it´s kind. The construction is located in a residential area and being planned as an isolated construction from the sorroundings; an indoor illuminated yard was built.

A project of this nature must encourage introspection and peaceful visual harmony through a discrete use of materials and lighting. The building façade is completely covered by grey torched granite and Cumarú wood.

The building welcomes the visitor through a narrow 2m (6.5ft) wide and 9m (30ft) high triangular shaped access tunnel, creating a solemn and monastic atmosphere as you enter. This darkening experience at the entrance ends when the hallway opens to a large, double height granite hall illuminated by the northern light coming from the indoor courtyard. In the courtyard is a tall dragon tree at the center and a gorgeous sculpture by Saul Kaminer as the only artwork piece for decoration.