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Thursday, January 18, 2007

30 in 30: #19

Since the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park opened last Spring, it's been popular to a ridiculous extent, with lunchers waiting in line close to two hours for a burger and fries. Well, the warm-weather crowds (and the warm weather) were missing the other day when I visited, as the Shack is closed for the season.

Shake Shack

The small, 500 sf kiosk was designed by James Wines of SITE, "an internationally known architecture and environmental design organization, composed of architects, artists, and designers." For Wines the design is relatively tame, basically a sloped enclosure with an awning featuring wraparound words like a stationary, un-illuminated Times Square marquee.

Shake Shack

Where the design screams Wines is the green roof and the integration of vines and ivy (on the rear and the awning) that will hopefully grow rampant around the whole object, or as Wines calls it, "a miniature garden in itself."

Shake Shack

Many architects try to create green walls and the like, though more often than not the ivy or other vegetation does not take, usually due to the way the design incorrectly allows for this goal. Perhaps Wines's successful experiences over the years mean his Shack will achieve his goal of a garden in a park, though for now it's too cold to tell.

Shake Shack

The Shake Shack is located in Madison Square Park at the corner of Broadway and 23rd Street. It can be reached by the N,R,W to 23 St; 6 to 23 St.

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