Monday, January 01, 2007

30 in 30: #2

Jean Nouvel's design for 40 Mercer Residences in Soho is nearing completion.

40 Mercer

As a nod to contextualism, the design's massing is a slab atop a large base. But the sleek glass skin departs sharply from its cast-iron neighbors.

40 Mercer

Overall the project is rather pleasing, in terms of massing and skin. The color choices are a bit unfortunate, especially the ugly purple cap and spandrel panels (they look blue here, but trust me that they're purple, and ugly).

40 Mercer

Thankfully, the ultra-expensive condos sit above retail, giving something back to the bustling street life of the area. Unfortunately, it looks like the main tenant will be a bank, one of the signs that a place is well beyond gentrification.

The building is located on the NW corner of Grand and Broadway. Take A,B,E to Canal; R,W to Canal; 6 to Canal; N,Q to Canal (all different stations with the same name).

#1 - Church of the Crucifixion


  1. Soho? Oh. You mean SoHo?

    Wondering why I'd not seen this development in London.


  3. This building is hideous.
    And the louver drape thingy on top is just odd.
    And the color of a milk of magnesia bottle.
    That association alone is enough to put me off it.

  4. While I'm not as fond of it as Winka Dubbeldam's Greenwich Street Project, or even its neigbor Gary Handel's 505 Greenwich, or for that matter, Richard Meier's Perry West towers... it's worth noting just how many name architects are designing boutique residential in lower Manhattan.This is a good thing. This may not be my favorite, but is certainly a handsome addition.


  5. I'm back to add another comment... I've just learned that Vivienne Tam has moved her New York boutique to 40 Mercer. Now there's your A-List commercial tenant.

    - Chris


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