Sunday, January 07, 2007

30 in 30: #8

Another weekly dose feature that I'd yet to visit is the Ironworkers Local 580 Training Facility in Long Island City is by Daniel Goldner Architects.

Ironworkers Local 580

Walking by it on a Saturday, I wasn't able to go inside but I could take in the facade, an important part of the design's conversion of a warehouse and auto body shop. The design is clearly layered over the existing building, self-consciously enough that it overlaps itself, most notably in the stainless steel mesh above and the stainless steel panels below.

Ironworkers Local 580

The care that went into the design at the pedestrian level is the project's greatest attribute on the exterior. Fittingly, much less detail is expended on the mesh overhead. Instead, small openings with colored glass, various metal finishes, and other touches make walking by much more rewarding than with most storefronts.

Ironworkers Local 580

Of course all of this makes sense, as the storefront is basically a showroom for the work of this ironworkers union. What makes the project work so well is the fit between the design and the execution, the former complex and varied enough to give the latter a chance to make an impression.

Ironworkers Local 580

The buildings is located on 30th Street, between 37th and 38th Avenues in Long Island City. Take the N,W to 39 Ave.

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