Paris, a Roman City

One of the first assignments of the Spring semester (more on my classes in a future post) is Paris, a Roman City, an interactive web page on the archeology of the city -- a historical period that is often overlooked in favor of eras like Haussman's plan -- by France's Ministry of Culture and Communication. It's informative, well-done, and visually rich; well worth browsing.



  1. Wow-Amazing website. Nice find.

  2. old roman cities are silly, like--there old, they are up there with abandoned railways as something architects just fawn over. I don't think I'll ever fit in.

  3. lil'g - Good to hear from ya. I also had some fun trying to find the footprints of these Roman places in Google Earth. Only a few are still visible, though.

    sideofwisdom - I guess you won't like this either?!


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