This makes me wonder if I should give up mine:

That selling price might have been a steal, as Amazon's price for a used copy (as of posting) of Zumthor Works is $2,474.73. For those without that sort of cash, the first edition of Zumthor's Thinking Architecture (which I also own but might just have to part with) is only $974.73.

(via PartIV)


  1. its not even a good book...the graphic composition is an absolute joke.....the A+U is so much better....better writing too. the precursor to 'thinking architecture'


  2. That much better reason to sell mine for a couple grand!

  3. For those prices, you could take a month-long tour of his works!

    I need to get myself to Vals...

  4. yes, you do need to get to Vals!

    Zumthor's new book Therme Vals is pretty solid.


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