CCTV Rises

CCTV Headquater Construction., originally uploaded by KonradS.

Flickr member KonradS has a series on the construction of OMA's CCTV Headquarters that should be worth checking every now and then. In the image above, CCTV's "bent skyscraper" is on the right and its auxiliary TVCC building is on the left. More information on the project here (click the Beijing Manifesto).

(via noticias arquitectura)


  1. I have to say I never thought in a million years that they would actually build rem's building. I thought it was going to be in books next to the Cenotaphe for Newton. The pictures just leave me speachless, it is amazing what people can do when they decide to do something.

  2. ...and when your client is an oppressive, state-run organization that does whatever it wants.

  3. the pyramids weren't built by habitat for humanity either.


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