Not Like the Others

One of these is not a real project for Manhattan. Which one?




(All spotted at Curbed)


  1. Man - I kind of wish they were all real. But, if I'd have to guess project number 3 is the fake...

  2. I'm guessing #2. What's the story behind the third one though?

  3. #2 is the fake. It's a hypothetical proposal for Stuyvesant Town by Robert Scarano that he did for the New York Post.

    #3 is a Jean Nouvel design for 100 Eleventh Avenue. The project is in its early phases, its marketing site only set up for inquiries.

    #1 is a 570,000 sf office building on 125th Street in Harlem, planned to open in 2009. It's developed by Vornado and is the one I wish wasn't real.

  4. What is wrong with #1 is it the building you dont like or some socio/political/cultural/alchemy thing? They all sort of look the same to me. 2 is like the Smithsons but not as pretty or cool.

  5. #1 doesn't look like a very skilled or elegant building to me, and it's also waaaay out of scale. In that sense, #3 is just as bad and is perhaps a bit out of hand with the glass "patterning". Nouvel must be letting it all loose after his restrained building in SoHo.


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