Banham Loves LA and AIA Loves Google Earth

A month ago Dan Hill (no relation) at City of Sound posted this 1972 BBC documentary, "Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles," about one of my favorite authors and one of his favorite cities, though I only got around to watching the 51-minute piece today. Well worth it.

And here's a video, a PR piece basically, describing AIA's new undertaking with Google Earth to develop tools for architects and communities alike and to "demonstrate architecture’s impact on the world."

Two new layers in Google Earth feature the recent AIA150 listing of America's Favorite Architecture (with 3d models) and Blueprint for America, AIA's new community service initiative where "AIA members [donate] their time and expertise are collaborating with citizens to find and implement ways to enhance their communities."


  1. On an unrelated topic, this week's New Yorker raves about the new Bloch Building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in KC. The article and a terrific slide show are here:

    Thought you might be interested...


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