Prouvé SOLD!

No, not that Prouvé (not 'til June 5), but some of these.

In the process of doing research for a final paper on Paris I came across this Phillips de Pury & Company design auction held a few days ago (May 24) in New York. With Prouvé still on my mind after the last post, I looked around and saw a number of items of his (alone and occasionally with Charlotte Perriand) on the block, as they say.

Bookshelf, 1958 by Charlotte Perriand and Jean Prouvé

So what were the results? (PDF link) 7 of 11 lots sold for a grand total of $107,160, or an average of $15,309 per sold item. Not bad. The highest bids went to a set of six "Standard" chairs (ca. 1950) and a large "Compass" desk (1948), each for $28,800. My favorite sold piece (not surprisingly) is the bookshelf above he designed with Perriand. I'll admit I like it, but not $24,000 like it.