The SELF-FAB House

A couple of weeks ago I featured Self-Sufficient Housing on my weekly page's book review, which included a link to the follow-up competition now under way. To drum a bit more support for the contest, here's some more information (click on image for JUMBO view).

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia directed by Vicente Guallart is issuing an international summons to architects, designers and students from around the world, inviting proposals for the construction of self-sufficient dwellings with an emphasis on exploring people’s capacity to self-construct their own homes.

The 2nd Advanced Architecture Contest directed by Lucas Cappelli encourage in this edition of the Self-sufficient housing competition, the design of a “SELF-FAB HOUSE” using industrial or traditional craft-based techniques generated on the basis of the knowledge of the information age, such as digital processes, software-driven manufacturing, skills and know-how in the use of new or established materials, the strategic recycling of other chains of production or familiarity with the historical processes of the construction of habitats in natural environments, revised in the light of new standards of sustainability.