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Australia_2006_0425, originally uploaded by marco 2000.

The Shrine of Remembrance Visitor Centre in Melbourne, Australia by Ashton Raggatt McDougall.

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  1. Hmmm... This isn't the ACCA by Wood Marsh, unfortunately.. The picture shows the shrine of memorial visitor's centre by ARM. There is quite a difference between off-form dyed concrete and the corten used in ACCA..

  2. Oops. Fixed it. Thanks, esben! I knew there's a reason why I usually don't feature images without a description. (In this case my cursory research skills proved inadequate.) It's not all for nothing, though, as I was impressed by Wood Marsh's work and will have to feature them in the future.

  3. it is worth noting that both ARM and wood marsh are melbourne based architecture firms.

    you probably don't want to bother looking at any sydney firms! so backwards up north!


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