Firm Faces #2

Delugan Meissl Associated Architects is a Vienna-based office with a penchant for glass and folding planes, both used as a way to merge their designs with their contexts. The penthouse addition House Ray 1 is a good example, though recent projects have increased the scale of their designs to, for example, whole apartment towers. Images of their office show a space in a building, that while it won't be mistaken for one of their own projects, seems to embody their embrace of glass and its inherent transparency, particularly evident in the night view.


The photos of the straightforward interior space show a reliance on the computer, though by clicking the image above one can see additional shots, including the model area. The terrace photo is the most telling, as it shows the relatively small office size, the potential of this outdoor amenity (as a social or break space, most likely), and what appears to me to be a rather even-keeled group, distributed evenly along the railing.

Be sure to check out the firm's alphabet, with humorous (Bricks: Have never been used) and thoughtful ( Light: As much as possible; it’s always easy to close something but often difficult to open something) descriptions of their philosophy.


  1. what's disappointing to me is that there are no actual drafting tables in offices.....shame. architects draw without drawing and i think it is reflected in a lot of firms work. a reliance on a program to do the figuring shows in the (lack of understanding of) detailing and its relation to the concept as a whole.

    love the new series though Hilltown.

  2. Thanks, BP. It should be interesting to see all the various office environments and personalities. And with my job search I'm seeing a lot of them out there.

    I sympathize with the apparent lack of drawing going on, though those CPUs look small enough that one could draw on the side, if you will, though without the gear for hardline drawings. For me, drawing brings to mind sketching rather than drafting, something that can be accomplished without a slanty desk. That's just me, though.


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