180 Varick Street

Metropolis takes a look inside 180 Varick Street, a large building in Soho that's home to a number of New York's architecture and design offices. Those featured include 2x4, MASS.com, Michael Sorkin Studio/Terreform, Hargreaves Associates, MESH Architectures, and Thomas Phifer & Partners.



  1. When I was in school, I spent a summer interning in that building. Hippest. elevator. ever.

    Everyone has solid, closed doors, but whenever I could sneak a peak into Thomas Phifer's office, it always scared the crap out of me. It looks like the future.

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  3. jimmy - I know what you mean about the elevators and the corridors. Phifer's office definitely exudes the qualities he strives for in his designs, though I'd feel like I'd have to wear a lab suit if I worked there!

    Greg - No, thanks. This site's advertising is more directly related to architecture and architects, rather than real estate or other things.


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