Architecture Poster Exclusive

Wallpaper* has an exclusive, slide-show preview of the upcoming "Graphic Virtuosity" exhibition of architectural posters from the extensive collection of Canadian architect and architectural historian, Robert G. Hill.

"Hill’s collection was assembled over a 40-year period, between 1960 and 2000, and comprises almost 1,600 posters assembled from museums and institutions in 20 different countries spanning Europe, Asia and North America. The exhibition consequently charts the history of the discipline, taking in key developments over time and around the globe, such as the conceptual representation of architectural ideas and the use of models, drawings and typography, all of which are employed to simultaneously promote the architect and architect’s work."
The exhibition runs from 10th September to 8th December at the Erik Arthur Gallery, University of Toronto.


  1. john - they have spread a bit of effort in collecting the posters over40 year period


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