Firm Faces #4

Wait five seconds and the faces below will change from serious to, well, something else. Wait five more seconds and they're back to serious and ready to get some work done. These are the employees of Gordon Kipping Architects, a New York-based office that focuses on the intersection of technology and architecture. Visit their site to see the faces larger and as intended, their changing demeanor enabled by a mouseover, rather than an animated gif.


These changing faces show the personalities of those involved, but more importantly they also show how the technology-minded work is created by and for people. It humanizes the firm's work in a way that hopefully comes across in their designs.


  1. I'm noticing the trend too.

    It seems like all architecture firms are incorporating photos (sometimes quirky snapshots) of their employees to make the company feel all the more tenable.

    I posted the Karsamaki church on my blog...I couldn't take my eyes off it.

  2. 8 people wearing black, serious clothes... no makeup, almost no jewlary... they must be architects! :)

  3. I bet that they were asked to wear the black "uniforms". And probably, they get ordered not to laugh...

    I once heard about an office with a dog, where the dog also got a prominent place on the site, and an own e-mailaddress and everything. It's probably all about coming across as being more personable, but I can imagine it backfiring as well.

  4. ciao nora, sei bellissima, carlushi

  5. Lundberg has pictures of everyone down to the office dogs on their site with funny names and tid bits to boot


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