The Worst Buildings of NYC

For WNYC's Leonard Lopate show, writer Christopher Gray, author of New York Streetscapes and a regular column for the New York Times, asked listeners to submit pictures of what they think are the worst buildings in New York City. Yesterday he discussed what makes a building bad, unveiling his choices for the worst buildings.

Here's a slideshow of listener submissions:

(via Archinect)


  1. I feel like I have to defend those precast-clad towers of the 50s-60s. I'm way too young to really have a grasp on their initial reception, but I do know that they're too easy of targets for today's taste. I don't like their abrasive texture and menacing demeanor, but I do like them for having produced some of the craziest precast concrete experiments.

  2. Given the perceived cyclical nature of architectural design, perhaps those sorts of designs will make a comeback. I've long thought that all glass buildings aren't as interesting as mass and texture, though that trend doesn't seem to be dying down...yet.


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