Nouvel Note

Just a quick note on Jean Nouvel's latest design for Manhattan, a new 75-story tower for a site next to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Midtown. Nicolai Ouroussoff asks, "How did a profit-driven developer become more adventurous architecturally than MoMA, which has tended to make cautious choices in recent years?"


He answers his own question in with:
Hines [who MoMA sold the site to] asked Mr. Nouvel to come up with two possible designs for the site. A decade ago anyone who was about to invest hundreds of millions on a building would inevitably have chosen the more conservative of the two. But times have changed. Architecture is a form of marketing now, and Hines made the bolder choice.
(via Archinect)


  1. some more images at

  2. that building is one hot mess, I love it.

  3. That building "has no genuine advantages, except in speculative gains for banks and land owners. It is not cheaper, it does not help create open space, it destroys the cityscape, it destroys social life, it promotes crime, it makes life difficult for children, it is expensive to maintain , it wrecks the open spaces near it, and it damages light air and view. But quite apart from all of this, which shows that it isn't very sensible, empirical evidence shows that it can actually damage people's minds and feelings.", you superficial virii.


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