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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today's archidose #153

New Museum, originally uploaded by archidose.

The New Museum of Contemporary Art by SANAA in New York City, opening on the first of December.

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  1. Can't quite say why, but I find this building to be mildly disturbing...

  2. I like it! But I like almost everything Sanaa does... but this one, it's almost as if they went along the first model they made.

    Hey, John, what happens at night? Is the building translucent?


  3. Ha! It looks like they are poking fun at New York's 'wedding cake' zoning tendencies at the client's expense.

  4. Victor - Nope, it's opaque, minus the various (primarily small) windows. See the flickr set of the building for more views.

  5. the "stacked boxes" type seems to be the trendy form at the moment...

    this is a little too bland for my liking, personally


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