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Earlier today I ventured to the Bowery for the opening of the New Museum's new building designed by SANAA. The building will be featured on my weekly page in a couple days, and I have a Flickr set of the building for your perusing, so I won't go into much detail here.

Ugo Rondinone's Hell, Yes! punctuates the facade...

...contrasting sharply with the metal mesh that envelopes just about every exterior surface of the building.

The lobby is a simple space with a drop ceiling of, you guessed it, mesh. The screens of the rear gallery (behind glass) draw one away from the street and into the realm of art.

The metal mesh covers the few select openings, creating some wonderful shadows.

Last but not least is this startchitect sighting on the 7th floor terrace, where Mr. Gehry and his wife Berta gazed over the Lower East Side.


  1. I mistook mrs. Gehry for Kazuyo Sejima on your first photo. Strange.

  2. Kazuyo Sejima has so much style than mrs. Gehry ;)

  3. that goes without saying! nice pic, by the way.


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